My entire family slept well and without incident under one roof last night for the first time in days.

(Actually, the "without incident" part isn't entirely true, but that was more my drunk-ass self than anything.)

Will is becoming more and more himself with every moment. He's still mellower than usual, but given the insanity of the past week and how awful he must have felt, that's understandable.

He was doing so well that I was able to have a MILF night out with my best real world gal-pals -- dinner followed by a rockin' '80s bash. Good music, good company, great booze. Goodness knows I needed all three.

We're still watching Will like hawks, trying to determine if his behavior is symptomatic of something going awry or just kid angst.

But it's much better doing this from the comfort of my sofa, in my pajamas, then from anywhere else.


Wildhair said...

You're going to have to expand upon this MILF night out and the 80s bash, my dear. I so wish I lived in the Tampa area.
Was Steve sweating bullets all night with Penn & Teller following him around? Did ya party like it was 1985? Am I asking too many questions?

laura petrie said...


Mr. Spears was great -- by the time we got to the club, he was pretty much finished with filming, even though the P&T dudes hung around for a while. He looked very snappy in his black shirt, pink tie and black Chucks. And we did party like it was 1985... great music, great booze (Grey Goose rules, with Wild Turkey a close second), great company. My fellow MILFs had a blast. Good night. You, my dear, were there in spirit.

Wildhair said...

Awesome! or should I say TOTALLY awesome. I'm sure if Steve was surrounded by you and your gals he felt like the Beau of the Ball!