Glossy Monthly Therapy

I read a lot of magazines. This is not new behavior or breaking news. But it just occurred to me that an awful lot of printed material comes into my house either via mail or the supermarket. You name it, I probably read about it -- save for porn (boring and frequently pedantic) or car magazines (hella boring) or technical investment stuff (super duper boring).

This month’s issue of Redbook has an article featuring what the editors tout as “The Ingredients of Happiness: 12 Secrets of True Contentment.” While I haven’t laid my own circumstances on this template, I’ve taken an initial gander at the list:

1) Sense of choice
2) Optimism
3) Proactivity
4) Humor
5) Courage
6) Purpose
7) Spirituality
8) Love
9) Security
10) Perspective
11) Good health
12) Altruism

Normally I find these types of summary lists to be somewhat simplistic and pandering, designed to fit the lowest common denominator of reader --after all, the magazines do try to be some things to a wide range of people. Selling copies is key to the bottom line.

But this one looks to be worth more than a passing read. Given my teetering on the precipice of a mid-life crisis, I think that it might be beneficial to me to ponder on these concepts. Couldn’t hurt. And it’s a lot cheaper than retail therapy, my current anesthesia of choice. I’ll get back to you...

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