Silly Pointless Musings Straight Off My Chest

I'm going to attempt to wax my eyebrows and upper lip after Will goes to bed one night this week, at home, by myself. What in the hell am I getting myself into...

Best thing I've read recently, hands down.
From E!Online:
"I can safely say I have no interest in Lindsay Lohan, nor do I understand anyone else's."
--Nick Lachey, in a radio interview with the Charlotte, North Carolina-based Ace & TJ Morning Show

I asked Will to "give Mama a kiss" last night. He took one look at me, came in close, pulled away and said "No thank you." I've never been rejected by a man quite that politely before. Still, aren't boys supposed to be older than four when they begin to shun their mother's affection? Men. Meh.

How crazy am I that the most urgent thing on my mind today (save for the basic family stuff) is what Elliott's going to sing tonight on American Idol and, more importantly, what he's going to wear and how is his hair going to be styled. The AI stylists have turned that boy into a head-turner. Yowza.

I'm hoping that the TB Bucs did better in the draft than I think they did. Yeah, offensive linemen are always needed to lend a hand in support of Cadillac and Simms, but that defense is aging (RIP John Lynch.)

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