Creative Endeavours

I made myself an Inspiration Board, to give me a boost for the new year.

Wanna see it?

It's got some familiar quotes (a couple that I've posted here) but some not-so-familiar ones that speak to me and where I am these days.

Here's one that hits really close to home (it's in the center, all the way at the bottom):
"Have you ever noticed how many women are held down before 40? They're having children and serving husbands. Find creativity that's not necessarily connected to being a wife or mother."

Whoo doggies. I'm grabbing that one and holding on, as it's something that I need to hear regularly.

And I like these two, together, yet separate:
"The work of your life is to discover your purpose and get on with the business of living it out."

"Success is keeping an even keel -- being confident about who you are and what you're doing."

This one was written just for me, I think:
"It's a messy sloppy world out there, and the single most important quality you have to have is monomania. A monomaniac is someone whose every mistake has originality."

Finally, smack dab in the middle, is this gem:
"It's OK to admit that you can't do everything."

My quest to figure out who I am in the midst of the labels and responsibilities of life is still in progress. It's a slow process -- slower than I anticipated. But that's OK. Self-discovery is something that shouldn't be rushed, I don't think. And I've learned a lot -- more surprising things than I initially anticipated. Isn't that what a quest is all about, though? If you knew what to expect, then the journey wouldn't be nearly as interesting and the desitination not as sweet.

And so, I continue. Moving forward. Such a ride.

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SusanD said...

You go, girl! (hack and overplayed, yes. but it seemed appropriate here.)