Giving Inner Peace a Chance

I love New York.

I love everything about New York. The people. The energy. The opportunities. The feel of it. The everything.

I wish that at sometime in my life I would have jumped off the cliff and just moved there. Call me chicken.

I've always loved New York. In my high school study hall, which was held in the library, I would hunt down all the copies I could find of the New York Times Magazine. I'd read the articles, peruse the ads and dream about owning one of the houses featured in the real estate section at the very back. Sigh.

And so, in my ongoing passion for the city, I currently have a subscription to New York magazine. It's not the same thing as actually living there, but it's as close as I can get for the moment. The cover story of the latest issue really caught my attention: Achieving Inner Peace. The primary gist of the articles regarding it are centered in and about places and activities in NYC, natch. But... there is a list of things one can do to Get That Inner Peace, regardless of your locale, that both made me think and made me laugh:

Outsmart your bad habits.
Detox your house.
Forgive a cabdriver.
Shut up now and then.
Drink Barolo.
Pick up a screwdriver.
Do some good.
Cheat death.
Contort. Lengthen. Exhale.
Take advice from felons.
Make a mess.


Red wine.

Dinner at home.

Quit smoking.

Group prayer.

Fixing a car. HA! Maybe in my next life... that’s what AAA and a good mechanic are for.


Praising others.

Sleeping late.

Lollipops. A cherry Tootsie Roll Pop can cure a lot of what ails ya... and it’s only 1 WW point!

A martini. Vodka. Always vodka. Gin is of the debil.


Ogling boys. Oh yeah. Most excellent. I’d also add Ogling Men to that list. The late 40s crowd, with a touch of gray is really appealing these days...

Writing a card. So true. I used to do much more of this in the days before e-mail. Might need to revisit...

Law & Order.


Acupuncture. Ouch. I’ll pass.

Pickup hoops. I’d be content to be a round ball spectator as my pick & roll ain’t what it used to be.

Crossword. Should add this to my NYR list. Maybe someday I’ll have the confidence to do one in pen.



Loud music. Add “singing along” and I’m your girl.

Soft music. My favorite decompression accompaniment.

More red wine.

Steam shower. Mmmmmmmmm. Heavenly.

Dressing a dog. Again, I’d rather be a spectator. But a cute pooch dressed up = adorable and heart-melty.


Not talking. Is this even possible?

Moving to Maui.

A slice of pizza. Cheese or sausage. No olives or anchovies.

Maybe I’ll just print out this list, close my eyes and pick one or two of these to try and achieve on days when my inner peace is in turmoil.

It’s nice to think about, anyway. Peaceful, actually.

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