I feel like crap on a cracker today.

Look like something the cat drug in.

Somehow, between last night and this morning, a cold swept in and took up residence in my immune system. The Germ Sprite came through and rubbed my throat and tonsils with 40 grade sandpaper.

Yuck. O.

Went over to some friends' house for a cookout last night (they were fighting, so it was an interesting and rather tense evening... but the BBQ chicken was most excellent.) Came home, put on my PJs and got a chill that was crazy weird. Went to sleep under the sheet, blanket and comforter. And it was 73 degrees outside at night-night time.


I hate having a summer cold. It's no fun any time of year, but when it's balmy and sunny outside, having the sniffles, a slight annoying fever and a sore throat somehow seems more wrong than usual.

My galpal (she of the spatting host and hostess couple) just called me and announced when I said hello "You sound like hell. Worse than you did earlier today." I guess sounding like hell is better than looking like hell. Thank goodness for not having a video phone.

Problem is that I don't like to take any real serious medication when it's just Will and me at the old homestead. In case he needs something, I figure it's better to be feeling bad than drugged up. What I wouldn't give for an afternoon date with some Benedryl or Tylenol Cold PM.

What? The afternoon is technically PM.

However, I'm just going to have to make do with Hall's Honey Lemon cough drops and some basic boring Tylenol.

Achoo. Achoo. Achoo.

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