Story Time Ideology

I'm a firm believer in the separation of church and state. Keep the church out of my politics and politics out of my church. And bless my pastor's conviction, he sticks to this premise firmly.

Ironically, the people with whom I share the same polticial ideology are also people with whom I worship on Sunday mornings and who I sit next to during Wednesday night choir rehearsal. But that's about as close to mixing things as I care to get.

I was delighted to find a little gem tucked in with my choir binder and music one recent Wednesday night -- a gift from the husband of my choir neighbor (we've sat together whenever I've been able to sing in the choir for years.)

It was a little book entitled Why Mommy is a Democrat, by Jeremy Zilber. It's available at www.littledemocrats.net. What a riot. I love it -- so much so that I wanted to share some exerpts here. But being the copyright-sensitive gal that I am, I thought better of that plan.

However, I highly recommend checking it out. The illustations alone are worth it -- within the lovely childrens'-book-eqsue drawings are wry comments with a definate Democratic sensibility.

The page themes are also deluxe:
"Democrats make sure everyone is treated fairly, just like Mommy does."
"Democrats make sure we are nice to people who are different, just like Mommy."
"Democrats make sure everyone plays by the rules, just like Mommy does."
"Democrats make sure no one fights, just like Mommy does."

I've been reading it to Will periodically, just because it makes me laugh to do so. He's sort of interested in it -- although he's more about turning the pages than anything. If Bob Barker or Anthony Wiggle was the star of the book, I suspect it would be a different story. However, in this time of government ridiculousness and skewed definitions of morals and values, it's nice to have access to something with a message I believe in that's gentle and kind. Were that true for many of the more grown-up media forms that flood our senses.

Check it out!
Why Mommy is a Democrat, by Jeremy Zilber.

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SusanD said...

Will's Bob Barker love always cracks me up!

And I totally dig the redesign here. Very light and swinging for summer.