Dis', Dat and De Udder: Episode 2706

For a print cover story on an all TV-theme episode of NBC's The Singing Bee, a show so wretched that even I, who'll watch just about anything, hasn't seen, TV Guide.com posed the following questions to its readers. Being the TV Goddess that I am, I immediately had my answers:

1. What is the most hummable TV theme ever?
Theme to Sanford and Son. I hum this constantly while driving -- I break it out whenever I see a Sanford-esqe truck motoring down the road.

2. Which TV theme would you consider your own personal theme song?
Theme to The Mary Tyler Moore Show.
Shut up. Yeah, yeah --- it's a cliche. But I like it.

3. Which TV theme would you most like to hear after a bad day at work?
Theme to That Girl, I Love Lucy, or, natch, The Dick Van Dyke Show. Old, dear friends all -- I know that even though I've most likely seen the episode in question a thousand times, it doesn't matter because I know it will be a half hour of chill time delight.

Injury Report #1

I have an ATHLETIC INJURY for the first time in ages. I've done something to my right hand by doing something I can't figure out while at the gym. I think I strained it trying to catch my balance on the treadmill and grabbing the hand grip thingy too hard. My right ring finger won't bend correctly and my wrist is a wee bit swollen. I'm alternately a bit proud and a bit pissed, because it put a crimp in my Half-Marathon training. Believe it or not, I'm registered to Walk, Not Run (here's to you, Cary Grant and Jim Hutton!) in the Philadelphia Marathon the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Crazy, but it's been good for me to have a goal to help motivate my tuchus into exercise gear. I'm actually looking forward to that experience, as I've never been to Philly and am going to not only meet friends there, but am staying a couple of days after the walk to explore (ie: shop.)

Injury Report #2

I have a BLACK EYE, source unknown. Went to monkey groom my eyebrows yesterday afternoon -- looked in my magnifying mirror to notice the outside corner of my right eye was sore and bloodshot. Washed my face to get rid of the dark eye shadow, smeared from my afternoon nap. Sure enough -- there's a bit of bruising around the perimeter. And I have no idea what happened. I'm thinking that Will, while crawling up on and off of my bed whilst I was 'napping,' might have either poked me in the eye or landed a foot there as he wiggled around. His feet are powerful -- small but mighty. POW! And now my eye hurts. I'm afraid to go look in the mirror this morning. Good thing those big Jackie O sunglasses are in vogue right now. Mr. DeMille, I'll be ready for my close up just as soon as I put my shades on.

Totally sucktacular football weekend, with one little exception.

My Gators lost a heartbreaker of a game to LSU. *sob* Tim Tebow IS Superman.

Tennessee and FSU, my mortal football enemies, both won. BOOOOOOO HISSSSSSSSSSS.

The Bucs got their lunch and dinner handed to them by the Colts.

Only bright spot -- my other alma mater, USF (BA in English!), won. Too close for comfort against Howard Schnellenberger's FAU. But still. And now they are ranked number five in the country. Not bad for a school who didn't have a football program until 10 years ago.

Best show on TV you're probably not watching: Mad Men on AMC. Actually, it is, in my opinion, the best show on TV now. Period.

From the amazing attention to detail which brings every nuance of the early 1960s to life, to the whip-smart writing to the compelling performances -- it's totally Cannot Miss TV for me. I think this season is nearly over, but it's been renewed and will be back probably closer to next summer. If you're not watching, you're missing out on some quality programming.

Still missing Roxanne. A lot. Been looking at the SPCA website. However, no pet additions to Chez Petrie for a while. Not ready just yet to share part of my heart with another furry friend. Still on the mend.

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