Musical Offspring

I often -- OK, pretty much all the time -- have my iTunes rolling on my computer. I can hear it in the garage (while I'm doing laundry) or in the kitchen (while I'm cooking or handling dishes) or naturally, right here in the office (while I'm writing or goofing off...) As a result, Will is used to having music playing while he's in the back of the house. It's not unusual for me to find him perched on the edge of my office chair, just listening to whatever's playing, even if I'm not around.

He just wandered in here and asked me if I "wanted to sing a song" -- which is Will Code for "play something I wanna hear, Mama." When I asked him what he wanted to "sing", he said, "(I'm)Gonna Make You Love Me." By The Jayhawks. Boo-yah! We're even working on playing some air acoustic guitar while we sing.

That's MY boy. I must be doing something right.

Next up: mastering the jangley air guitar of The La's "There She Goes."

Who needs those damn Wiggles, anyway.

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