Off We Go, Sweethearts...

I do love my sporting events.

In the fall, it's football and basketball (let's hear it for the resurgent Boston Celtics, shall we? Ever since Len Bias died way too soon, the team has been a pale green imitation of its glorious self. But I digress...).

In the summer, it's baseball or in the case of this year, the Olympics.

In the winter and spring, it's American Idol.

And we had kickoff last night. Bam!

It's waaaaay too early to assess the playing field this year, after only one evening of auditions. But overall, it was a pleasant viewing experience -- the right balance of lunacy and delusion and talent. At least from the vantage point on my reclining sofa.

I have an early favorite, though -- it's the charming Angela Martin from Chicago.

We have something in common, Angela and I. We're both mamas to kids with developmental challenges. That right there is enough to put me on her team for as long as necessary. I started welling up with tears when I saw her support system of family and friends -- I love that sort of stuff. But when we learned about her daughter's health issues, I knew I was a goner. As I watched her go through the very familiar routine of putting the orthotic braces on her little one (which I myself can do with my eyes closed), I lost it.

And immediately started crossing fingers and toes and praying that she could sing. Because I don't think I could have stood it if she couldn't.

But she can sing, gosh darn it -- well enough to go through to Hollywood, despite her affectations acquired from being a wedding band singer. Which can easily be worked out. After she got her golden ticket, I think she said something about wanting this to help her maximize her daughter's potential. I'm not sure -- I was sobbing by that point.

So Angela, you've got a fan in your corner already. Not just for your talent and your labour of love as a mother -- but for your perseverance in going after something that will not only help to make a better life for your daughter, but that will help to define you as a person in your own right.

For that, you are already my hero.

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Wildhair said...

You know, I felt that same draw about Angela. To be that young and seeming to manage very well is just astounding. She seems to have a grip on what's important. I prayed that she could sing, too. The news stations up here gave her a lot of coverage. She can't speak to anyone, but her family & friends (welled up with tears) are proudly able to talk about her accomplishments as a singer, but moreso as a momma.
They showed clips of her working the crowd in a club/bar and she has showmanship. I hope she goes far with this.