Afternoon Delight

I haven't wanted to spend time alone with a magazine since Donny and the Keane Brothers and Tony DeFranco were on the cover of Tiger Beat.

But that changed today when I opened my mailbox and found this:
And how was your afternoon?


Wildhair said...

::swoon:: I need a cold towel. Thanks.

Sherrie said...

My goodness....he really is stunning, isn't he?

suchsimplepleasures said...

my day just got better! and it's thanks to you and george!!

citizen jane said...

Glad to be of assistant, y'all.

And if you think the photo is great, the article inside the mag is even better.

Chances are great that when I see him tonight on the Oscar coverage I will either (a) spontaneously combust (b) instantly ovulate or (c) both of the above.


citizen jane said...

That should be of assistance, not assistant.

The Clooney has me under a spell that apparently renders me helpless and unable to spell correctly.