Play Ball!

Baseball season starts today!

Of course, we here at Chez citizen jane are running behind schedule. Saturday mornings are traditionally lazy, lay-about periods of time for us -- this getting up and getting going may take some getting used to.

But it's worth it. For once, I feel like a Standard Issue Mom, taking my child to an extracurricular activity that doesn't involve doctors, tests or therapists. The league Will plays in is designed for kids with developmental or physical restrictions -- they even play on a specially-designed-and-built field that's got soft turf and smooth surfaces for wheelchairs, walkers and braces. It's great -- even the bleachers are kinda comfortable (metal, not rotting wood) and covered.

And the people who work behind and in the scenes are wonderful -- such a sense of community and care and fun. When I called to RSVP for Will, the jolly fellow who answered the phone not only remembered him, but sounded so genuinely glad that he would be participating again this year. Can't beat that.

Will's favorite helpers, though, are the cute high school and college co-eds who are lending their time in the name of community service hours. Mama becomes chopped liver when an adorable little brunette is willing to help him go 'round the bases.

Doesn't bother me a bit.

Here's to a great season. Play ball, y'all!


Sherrie said...

That sounds really cool! We have a similar experience with a camp for children with serious illnesses that my son goes to a couple times a year, Camp Boggy Creek. I don't know if your little guy would qualify to go there (he would have to be 7 and fit into one of their covered illness catagories), but it is my son's favorite place on Earth. Same story, there are lots of volunteers from high schools and colleges getting volunteer hours, but my son feels like a total rock star when he's there, they make him feel so special. Check out their website, it's www.boggycreek.org and I can't recommend them highly enough.

citizen jane said...

I will check that out -- thanks for the tip! I've heard of Camp Boggy Creek before -- nothing but good things. Making the kids feel like rock stars = best thing ever.