Sick Day


The head. It poundeth.

The nose. It sniffles.

The throat. It rasps.

The ears. They muffle.

The chest. It hacks.

My cold is still here, getting the best of me.

Thank goodness Will is off of school today, simply because I can stay in my pjs -- which are a pair of black lounge pants and this groovy t-shirt I got in Key West.

That's the back of it there over on the right. Yes, that's Aunt Esther. And Grady. And a tatoo that says "Elizabeth." Awesome doesn't even begin to describe it...

On the docket for today: a bunch of movies on the DVR -- "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"; "Victor/Victoria"; "She's Having a Baby." And the big ass Hollywood/March issue of Vanity Fair. Plus a nap.

My only regret is that it's shaping up to be a beautiful day here -- high in the upper '70s. Maybe if the tide has been stemmed a bit this afternoon, Master Will and I might take a stroll down to the park for some R&R.

Although the chances are good that I'll go in my pjs. It's shaping up to be that kinda day.


Addendum, 11:15 am: So much for watching my DVR movies -- Playhouse Disney is ruling the roost today. Better to amuse myself elsewhere than have to deal with a crabby Will. The compromises of motherhood...


Wildhair said...

At the strong suggestion of Mr. Spears, I bought a copy of "Fear and Loathing..." I'm not reading it yet. I will get to it. I'm digging into "CHuck Klosterman IV."
By this time I guess it's a safe assumption that you're feeling better.

citizen jane said...

I am better -- save for my terrible cough that shakes the rafters and wakes the neighbors.

I also have "Klosterman IV" on the nightstand. Waiting to be read. But I've just started a re-read on Garp and that seems to be the mindset I'm in at the moment.
I've got HST's "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72" also on the docket, along with "All the President's Men." I have a strange attachment to the Nixon era for some reason and am in the mood to immerse myself in it. Weird.

Wildhair said...

When I picked up "Fear and Loathing.." "Klosterman IV," I also grabbed "The World According to Garp." Crazy!
I'd only viewed the movie, and the SIT80s blog thread that brought up "Garp" made me think I seriously needed to read the book.
I was never much of a reader growing up or in my teen/young adulthood. I'm trying to make up for it now.

Sprezzatura said...

You have a tee shirt with Aunt Esther on it.

I reiterate...you are my hero.

(Grady looks a little like Al Sharpton from where I'm sitting, though).

citizen jane said...

The book is fantastic -- Garp, that is. John Irving is one of my favorite contemporary authors.

Let me know when you pick it up and we can have a little online book club discussion!

Aren't we the smartie pants girls ;-)

citizen jane said...

Aunt Esther rules. Period.

And yeah, Grady does look a little like Rev. Al in that photo -- but it's all him on the t-shirt.