Time Wasters 2: Electric Boogaloo

Lookee what I found -- more places to peruse when the boredom gremlin comes calling. Or the slothy-sloth makes an appearance. Or you're just trying to kill time.

For you delightful folks with your own blogs or those of you who dig having cool gadgets on your desktop, I give you Widgetbox. It touts itself as the "world's largest widget directory and gallery," which in itself, makes it intriguing. I can tell that I'll be able to spend (ok, waste) a lot of time here. Don't be surprise to see some of my more interesting finds pop up over in the right hand column.

Have you ever been embedded deep into your sofa, cozy under a blanket, snacks by your side, happily watching TV when a song comes on as background in a program and you say "Damn, that's a great tune. Wonder who that is?"

Betcha Tunefind can help you out.

This phenomenon happens to me quite frequently, especially when I'm watching two of my fave shows: "Friday Night Lights" and "Men in Trees" -- the latter of which has, in my opinion, the best music of any show on TV at the moment. And if you're not watching it, you should be. However, the scheduling monkeys over at ABC have totally dicked around with its time slot, so unfortunately, I can't even tell you when you better be tuning in. Or else.

Meanwhile, feel free to share any 'net gems you might find. Remember, I always have housework that needs avoiding.

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