Time Wasters

Disclaimer: This post has no social, emotional or philanthropical value at all. Proceed with caution.

In an attempt to avoid doing any real chores or work around the house (why can't the laundry sort itself, I ask you?), I've been poking around the net. I'm now up-to-date on election stuff, at least for the moment; celebrity stuff; sports stuff. I've checked out recipes for dishes I watched those earnest TV chefs make on the Food Network this morning (yes, again with the food porn...)

I've organized playlists on iTunes; sent a couple of e-mails; did some IMing; engaged in some research on a potential book idea.

And I goofed around with this stuff.

Look! Here's me as a South Park character:

And here's Will!

Wanna try it yourself? Click here.

Check it out -- me as a citizen of Springfield:

Head here to create your own Simpson-esque doppelganger.

Truth be told, I look more like the South Park rendition of me than the Simpsons one -- the hair is more like mine and though I've been on that damn NutriSystem for a while, my curves aren't even close to being as neat and defined as Miss Simpson there. Maybe someday...

So... got any sites that you like to visit to kill time or just to amuse yourself?

Spill 'em. I've got dusting to do. Eventually.


Wildhair said...

I was bored last night. So, I tried the South Park doo-hicky. I couldn't save it or I'd show it off. She even had red specs! lol Thanks for sharing time-wasters. Those are necessary elements in my life.

laura petrie said...

Oh, I would love to see that! Red specs -- LOVE it!

I saved mine by making a screen shot and then cropping/editing in iPhoto (Mac girl here.) I know you have mad Photoshop skillz, so if you could get the screencap down, you'd be good to go.

I'm crossing my fingers that this works...