Cheese of the Week

William Shatner. "Rocket Man"

Denny Crane. Happy Birthday! (props to Mr. Spears for the heads-up)

Before you go off to have a celebratory glass of scotch, check out what may be my favorite gig of his -- he performed this at an 1978 sci-fi awards show. It's everything you want The Shatner to be -- campy, funny, over-the-top and indulgent.


Kate said...

makes me proud to be a brit! We produced some good stuff over the years, hee hee

Jen said...

That is fantastic! I just love him. Thanks for sharing that!

citizen jane said...

Yes kat, y'all have produced good stuff over the years indeed.

And jen -- agreed. How can you not love The Shatner, I ask you?