The melodious sounds of Neil Young are floating down my boulevard. Loudly.

Traffic's picked up in the 'hood. Cars coming and going. And going and coming.

And there are piles and piles of leaves dotting the landscape across the street.

That can only mean one thing.

My Merchant Marine neighbor is home.

Can the hammock be far behind?

Seeing him, chillin' on his front stoop, front door wide open, beer in hand, it just occurred to me who he looks like.


Why this didn't dawn on me earlier, I'll never know.

Here's his doppelganger:

(Psssst... that's Chris Robinson, best known for being the lead singer of the Black Crowes and the ex-husband of Kate Hudson.)

It all makes so much sense now.


SusanD said...

YAY! You know i love him!

citizen jane said...

I know you do. I'm keeping the camera in the living room these days to capitalize on any opportunities to get a picture of the real thing. But my paparazzi skillz aren't stellar... I'm going to keep trying, though. Just for you, lovey!