Quickie Time Waster

Check this out... Band Name Maker.

Should my dreams of being a front woman ever materialize, look at the options I have for my band name:

Shaved Jane
Jane Flashing
Jane Creep
Rational Jane
Jane Monkey
Orbiting Jane
Jane Beholder
Prudent Jane
Random Of The Reversed
Jane Dose

I kinda like Random of the Reversed. And Prudent Jane.

Stay tuned... and share your names, whether random or with a key word. I love a good battle of the bands!


Sprezzatura said...

Whose generating these, Ron Jeremy?

Mine are:

Azure Tonianne
Tonianne of the Delicious
Tonianne Throat
Spanking Crafty
Kicking Tonianne and the Lubed Excuse*
Soup of the Tonianne Venus

*I'd have to pronounce this with 2 syllables, because "lub-ed excuse" sound so much more punk. And you know how I do.

citizen jane said...

Of course it would be pronounced with two syllables -- is there any other way?