Telly Time!

Fun Fact: I love anything and everything that could remotely be classified as Pop Culture-ish (with the exception of SciFi... shudder)

Music. A vital, ingrained part of my life

Movies. A slice of escape. Nothing better than a cool, dark theatre, a small box of popcorn, milk dud, a coke and a double feature.

Theatre. My passion. Makes me laugh. Makes me cry. Makes me think.

Books. Have you seen my house? Overrun with books like you wouldn't believe.

But my true Pop Culture passion -- the thing that fuels me and takes up the most space in the file cabinets of my mind -- is Television.

Love it. Need it. Gotta have it.

And while I embrace and watch many, many shows, I do have a favorite episode of all time.

It's not from my all-time favorite sitcom, the splendiferous Dick Van Dyke Show. My previous nom de plume wasn't Laura Petrie by chance, dontcha know. That over-forty-year-old-show still holds up today. It's smart, witty, funny and sexy. I adore it.

Believe it or not, my all-time fave is from the third season of the usually ridiculous (but lovable) Gilligan's Island. Entitled "The Producer," it features Phil Silvers as producer Harold Hecuba and a genius, brilliant and pretty damn accurate musical version of "Hamlet."

I've watched this more times than I can count -- even bought the season three Gilligan's Island DVD set for it (and the radioactive vegetables episode which immediately preceded it during the show's original run.)

And thanks to AOL video, I can share it here. So take time, if you can, to watch. Laugh. Sing along. That's what I'm doing. Guaranteed.


Elizabeth said...

I'm Lucy crazy. "Vitaveetavegimin" is one of my favs forever.

Sherrie said...

Gilligan's Island is a huge part of my childhood. I think that my pre-teen crush on the professor colored my choices in men for a good decade and a half. About 15 years ago, I actually got to meet Mary Ann, Gilligan and the Professor! I hate to say it, but Mary Ann was evil to me. However, Gilligan and the Professor both were super cool. Have you read Russel Johnson's book? It's excellent, my signed copy is a treasure to me.

jason said...

directed by Ida Lupino?
I never knew!