(pssst... that's "quote" in Spanish, y'all)

Quote of the day, and quite possibly the year, as found in New York magazine:

In response to the question "What do you think of the Governor Patterson scandals?"

Why did he go to a Days Inn? I mean, I know he's blind and didn't know any better, but his dates should have! If someone took me to a Days Inn, I would never put out.
~ Carson Kressley


SusanD said...

I so love and miss Carson!

citizen jane said...

I know! I'm psyched, though, because he's the host of the True Colors concert tour, featuring Cyndi Lauper and the B-52s... and I'm going in June. So i'll get my Carson-fix live and in person here shortly.

jason said...

He's got a point, doesn't he?
Blindness is no excuse for a Days Inn.

citizen jane said...

Exactly. A Days Inn = camping as far as I'm concerned.

There's not even room service, for goodness sake.