We'd have a writing lesson,
we'd make love
and then go to lunch in
whatever order that might be...

~ Carole Mallory, longtime mistress of Norman Mailer

Throw in a sporting event on the telly and you have my idea of a perfect day.

(smooches to Sprezzatura for bringing this to my appreciative attention)


Sprezzatura said...

Substitute "sporting event on the telly" with "shoe shop," and that's my version of a perfect day.

Just sayin.'

jason said...

I like your new work
*love* that pic of you with your feet in the pool :)

And it does sound wonderful, doesn't it?

Expect I'd have to switch up the "writing lesson" and "sex" with different partners, wouldn't you?
No offense, Norm.

citizen jane said...

Ah, Sprezzatura --shoe shopping is good too. Especially at Nordstrom. Sigh.

And jason, totally with you on the changing partners. Mailer was brilliant, but I must draw the line somewhere...