Fine Wine of the Week

Mudcrutch. "Scare Easy."

What the hell is Mudcrutch, you say...

Mudcrutch was a rock band from Gainesville, FL (home of THE University of Florida) and was basically the forerunner of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Per info from Mudcrutch Farm, a TP & the HB fan community, there was an actual Mudcrutch Farm where some band members lived -- it was located in a patch of woods off North 13th Street in Gainesville near Dub's bar, where the band was a regular act.

(My pal and fellow '80s apologist Steve Spears has a great Dub's anecdote. It's far more interesting than my Dub's story about blowing off packing to go home for the summer in order to see Bo Diddley play live... but I digress.)


Mudcrutch has reformed and is releasing an album the end of this month -- with "Scare Easy" as the first cut. It's country-jangly-and-
slightly-spooky Petty... which to me, is Petty at his best.

Listen and enjoy.


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Wait, is that Petty singing? And I think I heard of Mud Crutch back in the day...

citizen jane said...

That's indeed TP himself singing lead, jen. (HI! by the way...)