A Moment... A Good Moment

My cynical, snarky heart was put to the test last night during American Idol's big phianthropic extravaganza, Idol Gives Back. With testimony after testimony focusing on the heart-wrenching needs of people around the world juxtaposed with production numbers and sparkle, it was alternately touching and bizarre.

My DVR cut out before the end number, so I didn't get a chance to see the big finish until now. And I'm glad I did. Color this church-goin' girl surprised to hear her favorite praise song, "Shout to the Lord". Rather cool, actually. Sure, the words were changed a bit for the telecast to make things a little more globally appropriate. I get it and totally understand -- and applaud this change. But as far as an inspirational song goes, you won't find a better one. At least not in my book.

PS: My AI boyfriend, one David Cook, is amazing in this...

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