My New Boyfriend

My list of celebrity beaus just keeps getting longer and longer...

The Clooney
Alec Baldwin
Chris Noth
James Carville (although he and I are on a break because he said some jackassy things regarding Bill Richardson's endorsement of Barack...)
Stewart Copeland

and now... Jimmy Kimmel.

True confession: I loved -- nay adored -- The Man Show. But only the Kimmel/Carolla incarnation. I laughed, despite the total piggish, slightly misogynistic, usually gross humor. That shit was funny. Although I still don't see the appeal of Girls on Trampolines. But I'm also not the target audience for that bit, so it's OK that I don't get it.

However, I've not really kept up with Jimmy since he made the move to late night. I'm usually asleep when he hits the airwaves. But lately I've been thinking about programming ye old DVR to catch him, thanks to not only the brilliant Matt Damon/Ben Affleck videos, but this latest one. Featuring one of my fave campy counselors, Richard Simmons.

Take a look...

That's damn funny. Which is why Jimmy Kimmel is now on my Celebrity Boyfriend List.

BONUS: Richard Simmons in one of his classic appearances on Letterman! If you've never seen these two together, you need to take the time to watch -- hilarious. Promise.

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jason said...

I agree.
He's pretty funny (and cute too)

I'm not exactly part of their target audience either, but I used to love the Man Show.