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Goofball said...

oh yes!!! I love sleep.

Just been visiting lots of bed stores as we desperately need a new mattrass. I am soo looking forward to our future new perfect bed.

CableGirl said...

and Oh how I wish I got more of it last night.

3 hours of sleep, up at 4:30 am and out on teh range learning how to ride a motorcycle all day. Came home to mother duty because CableDad is too sick to deal with MJ today.

I'd seriously kill for an extra hour of sleep under my belt today.

citizen jane said...

CG, I wish I could give you an extra hour, but I'm in desperate need of some zzzzzzs myself. Will had a seizure during the night -- he's fine now, as he usually is, but it takes us all a while to recover and get back to center. Me more than him.

Hope CableDad feels better soon... and you get some rest, Motorcycle Mama.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I hope Will, and you, are doing better and that you all get plenty of sleep tonight!

April said...

I finally got some last night!