Come Plurk with Me, Let's Plurk, Let's Plurk Away...

Latest web addiction. Obsession. Love.


A turbo-cousin of Twitter (and waaaay more reliable, too...) it's social networking taken to the groovy, hep side -- with a time-line format and a threaded conversation feature that acts like a chat/IM. Plus, for us grammar lunatics aficionados, there are options for which verb you want to use for your message -- and they're color-coded too!

There's also this function called cliques -- the ability to group your friends together into categories that you choose. The possibilities for that one are endless -- both from a practical and slightly saucy standpoint.

Biggest appeal for me -- the threaded conversation and chat. It's like having a party-line IM, only a lot cooler and without having to dial up Sarah the town telephone operator to get the shindig started.

So c'mon. Join me on Plurk. It won't hurt -- promise.

If you can use some exotic booze
There's a bar in far Bombay

Come Plurk with me, we'll Plurk, we'll Plurk away


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Just joined! It looks like fun!

CableGirl said...

preaching to the choir here. lol

April said...

It sounds like fun, but also an excellent time-waster - can't afford any more of those at the moment!