Several hours and bottles of water later, I do believe I'm past the halfway point in my recovery from my inadvertent venture into chemical warfare with my bathtub. Thanks for all your thoughts and good wishes, y'all.

Still feel lightheaded and have a woozy tummy, plus achy eyes -- but other than that, I'm good old me.


When doing a debriefing with the mister, I realized that not only was I using Comet and KABOOM!, but also some stuff to zap the mold in the corner tile and Clorox wipes on the sink.

That's a lot of molecules floating around.

Remember Chemical Ali... just call me Chemical Jane. And heed my warning, y'all. Housekeeping is a dangerous, dangerous thing. Only engage in it when absolutely necessary.

However -- that damn bathtub has never looked better. Thank goodness.


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

You are much more committed to bathtub cleanliness than I. More power to you!

I hope you feel completely better today.

citizen jane said...

I feel MUCH better. And am alternately embarrassed and bemused at the chaos I wrought yesterday while doing something as innocuous as cleaning.

I'm now going to take a little break from such hazardous activities. Bad for my well-being, dontcha know ;-)

Wildhair said...

Reminds me of "Confessions of a Super Mom" penned by Melanie Lynn Hauser.
She's determined to get a spot off the floor and mixes cleansers. The Swiffer incident, I believe it's referred to. She gains super powers via the hazardous concoction. Cute read. Nice for an afternoon baking in the sun.

Be careful, woman! (I've done it myself, though.)

April said...

Yuck! Glad you've recovered. I don't care how clean your bathtub is, don't you ever do that again! (Can you hear my "mom voice" from there?)