Summer lovin'... happened so fast


A whirling mini-dervish of braids and flails and smiles came roaring towards us, stopping just short of crashing into my non-plussed child.

"It's Willlllllll! Hiiiiiiiii Willlllll!"

Hug. Smother. Hug.

Ah yes. The unmistakable sign of summer love -- or at least summer school love.

Will has a female admirer -- his first of his own age. The lovely Kiki * (*not her real name -- I do have some standards, you know...) has taken a shine to my handsome man.

Sadly, though, it appears to be one-sided. He's not showing a lot of interest in Miss Kiki. Not that's dissuading her in the least.

Every time she comes and gives him a hug, he gets that "she's got cooties" look on his face -- that same look seen on playgrounds and in lunchrooms since the beginning of time.

It's not that Will doesn't like girls -- on the contrary. He's quite the flirtatious ladies man when he wants to be, looking coyly at the object of his affection (usually an older woman) and laughing in that way that smitten boys do. With Kiki -- nada. Nothing. Just that look of slight panic coupled with an eye roll.

I think Kiki may be coming on a bit too strong for him. Too open with her affection. She's darling -- always has the faintest scent of strawberries about her. And charmingly happy. Doesn't phase him a bit.

She's still got cooties. In his eyes anyway.

Summer love. Ain't it grand.


Miss Janey said...

How adorable. Someday Will may appreciate her. By then she'll probably think HE has cooties.

jason said...

too cute!