Croon a Tuesday Tune for me...

Presenting... Tuesday Tune!

It's a new weekly for me, hosted by Music Memoirs that I could not resist. You know how I am about my music...

Here goes -- enjoy!

Share the first band/artist/song/album that comes to mind when you see these 10 words:

Ending: "The End of the Innocence" ~ Don Henley

Long: "Long Long Time" ~ Linda Ronstadt

School: "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard" ~ Paul Simon

Teen: "Smells Like Teen Spirit" ~ Nirvana

Crazy: "Crazy Train" ~ Ozzy Osbourne

Search: "Search and Destroy" -- Iggy and the Stooges

Baby: "Steppin’ Out with My Baby" ~ Tony Bennett

Shoes: "New Shoes" ~ Paolo Nutini

Mellow: "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat" ~ Charles Mingus

Window: "Open a New Window" ~ Mame original cast recording
(Note: this was the ONLY clip I could find. It’s from the movie. Not great, but it will do.)


Radioactive Jam said...

Fine choices!

I just realized "Riding The Storm Out" is also a song. Yeah, I'm slow like that.

And should I find the mental wherewithal to resume blogging (translation: spend less time on plurk), I'll gladly appropriate this post theme. :)


Ruprecht said...

Rupe says:

"The word of the day is Mingus."

And Rupe approves.

Malcolm said...

Hearing Long Long Time by Ronstadt takes me back to the time I worked at an AM station a few years ago. I wish that my cable company had CMT when they were rerunning "The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour" because I would have loved to have taped some of those clips.

By the way, are you the Jane who participated for the first time in my Tuesday Trivia game this week? Just curious.

bronsont said...

Is Rupe talking about Charles Mingus? Eclectic selection CJ and I too approve!

Scott said...

What a great list - and the included videos are fantastic. What a debut!!


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Fabulous choices! We were laughing our batookies off over the weekend watching Weird Al's video of "Smells like Nirvana". If you haven't seen it, you really, really need to.


perpstu said...

Great post! Your music library astounds me! I thought I had eclectic tastes in music, but you have me beat!


Michael said...

"End of the Innocence" and "Long Long Time" are both favorites of mine. Great list this week.