It's Career Day! Dress Appropriately...

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"My neighbor has a bumper sticker that reads: "Remember Who You Wanted To Be". Did you grow up to be who you always wanted to be as a child?"

Hmmmm. Interesting question.

Let's all jump in the Wayback Machine with Sherman and Mr. Peabody and take a look at CJ's previous career ambitions, shall we? A light snack will be provided, along with a complimentary soft drink. Beer and wine will be $3, mixed drinks $4. (Hey! If it's good enough for Southwest, it's good enough for the Wayback Machine...)

Weather Girl
Yep. You read that right. Not a meteorologist. A weather girl. How feminist-forward of me. However, the “D” I got in Meteorology the spring semester of my freshman year kinda put the kibosh on that one.

Romance Novel Author
Back when I was that goofy hormonal creature known as a middle-school girl, I would spend my allowance and babysitting money on books -- mostly the John Jakes Bicentennial Series and Harlequin Romances. And in an attempt to corner the market on “grown-up” sappy romances written by adolescent girls, I started to write my own Harlequin epic. Featuring a leading man named Van Doren (shut. up.) and a heroine whose name escapes me but who fancied herself the Esther Williams of West Central Florida. It was awful and glorious and horrible, all at the same time. Mostly awful, truth be told.

Talk Show Host
OK -- this one, I still think about, as it’s still kind of in the realm of possibilities for me. Hello, Cable Access! (shut. up. again. I know. Ridiculous, isn’t it...) I even had a great concept cooked up, once upon a time. I would host the show from a giant bed -- the set would be a posh, plush fab bedroom. And the guests and I would all wear tasteful, comfy pajamas. My ex (gay) boyfriend was going to be the witty cabana boy sidekick (and yes, that should have been my first clue to his sexual persuasion) and my late kitty-witty Roxanne would have had full run of the set. Brilliant, don’t you think? I still fancy myself having the Merv Griffin/Mike Douglas gene in me. So maybe someday -- even if it’s from the rec room at the ACLF...

Serious Stage Actress
Notice I didn’t say Movie Star. I wanted to be Helen Hayes or Sarah Bernhardt or Patti LuPone or any of the other greats who graced the Broadway stage. I was the Drama Mama of my high school -- initiated into the Thespian society as a freshman and involved in everything dramatic for all four years of high school. I love the theatre -- everything about it. Back stage, on stage, you name it. Passion. Really wanted to pursue something in this area when I went off to college, but my father, who was footing the tuition bill, put a kibosh on that. If I have a regret in life, it’s that I didn’t pursue this dream in some fashion. It’s still a total passion of mine. So there you are.

Diplomat/Political Wonk
This stems directly from that period in the mid-’70s when I was obsessed with the Watergate hearings, which were on the telly every single day in the summer. At the tender age of 10 or so, I was trying to wear my hair like Maureen Dean. And writing fan letters to Dr. Henry Kissinger. Yes, you read that correctly. I would elaborate, but this episode in my life is worth exploring in more detail in its own blog piece. Can you tell I was a riot and a half as a child?

Newspaper Publisher
My love of the written word -- written by me! -- started very early. At the age of seven, I decided that what my family of four (plus nana who lived down the street made five) needed was a family newspaper. So on my dad’s old manual typewriter, I created the Smith Family Times (name changed to protect the unsuspecting), documenting my brother’s Hot Wheel races, my mom’s volunteer work, my perception of Daddy’s job and other things a kiddo would deem important. Riddled with typos and sprinkled with earnestness, I made copies using carbon paper, folded them neatly and delivered them to everyone’s bedroom. I was a full-service publisher. Not sure why I stopped with this little project -- something else shiny and sparkly must have come along to garner my attention. But I like to think that little publication was my first real effort at blogging and writing. Who knew I would have been so techno-forward.

I’m sure there were other vocational things that crossed my mind at one point or another. These are the highlights, such as they are. (Hey! You can stop giggling anytime now...)

So now it’s your turn: Did you grow up to be what you thought you’d be? Do tell, y’all. I might even book you on my talk show if you’re lucky...


Miss Attitude said...

Who I wanted to be when I grew up could have worked with who you wanted to be. I wanted to be a news anchor. Imagine Miss Attitude as the anchor and Citizen Janey as the "Weather Girl"! I also wanted to be a teacher. Oh and actress did cross my mind, but not serious like you. I wanted to star on a soap opera;)

Madison McGraw said...

I think it's obvious you need to get divorced and marry Ted Turner, then you could be all those things!

April said...

CJ, we are SO much alike, it scares me! I didn't share your weather girl ambition (although I probably should've - they're the only people who can get it wrong more than half the time and still keep their jobs!), but the rest of these...I still have my oh-so-trashy play I wrote from high school! I have to take it out every now and then and reminisce. Consider it prep skills for leading our blogger lives today.
Oh, and, you're way funnier than me.

Megan said...

You have very interesting pursuits. Or intended pursuits or whatever. All mine were pretty basic. I mostly wanted to be a world famous singer, actress, dancer, fashion designer, and painter, all at the same time. Like god's gift to the artistic world.

Now I just want to grow up and be a teacher. For now I am pretty content with my job title: Mommy. (and bibliophile)