Saturday Morning Cereal: Sixth Bowl





*Pours more milk*

Oh -- hi! You caught me. Eating cereal. It's Saturday, right -- isn't that what you're supposed to have for breakfast on Saturdays? That's the rule in my world (which I break for bagels and the occasional omelet -- but just go along with me for the sake of this piece,'kay? Love ya babe. Thx.)

My personal love affair with cereal started at an early age -- my dad still tells the story of how on one Saturday morning, at the age of three, I awoke early to watch cartoons. After a while, I decided I was hungry -- but was still the only one awake. Needing to remedy this, I grabbed a box of Rice Krispies from the cabinet, marched into my parents' bedroom and tossed said box into bed with them. They're just lucky I didn't grab the milk carton too.

Cereal and Saturday mornings just seemed to go together, especially during the halcyon days of our youth. And damn if we didn't have a lot of options in those days. When poking around YouTube, I discovered more commercial clips for more cereal than one post should hold. So consider this the first serving -- and make sure you save enough milk in the bowl for next time, as there's more where these came from.

Now, get your bowls ready for a sugary, crunchy trip down memory lane.

Cookie Crisp

Froot Loops

Golden Grahams


Cream of Wheat


Alpha Bits

Count Chocula, Franken Berry and Boo Berry
(These guys never seemed to be alone in an ad.
And anyone else besides me remember Fruit Brute?)


Next week, we'll do some time with Cap'n Crunch and all his many spin offs (trust me, there are more than you remember); many, many cereals with the word "sugar" in their name (beloved by dentists everywhere); a rabbit, a leprechaun, a tiger, triplets and a kid named Mikey. And that's just for starters.

PS: My favorite cereal is amongst today's group... any guesses as to which one it is?


Edwin said...

Mikey......my MAIN man. *:)

bronsont said...

What no cheese grits? :)

perpstu said...

I am very happy to see Cookie Crisp at the top of the list and can not wait to see the Cap'n and his crew next week!

80s Queen said...

I still eat Count Chocula when I can find it in stores. I remember Fruit Brute. He was a werewolf wasn't he? Ah, the things I can remember when I sometimes can't remember what day it is.

Miss Attitude said...

How did I miss this Saturday? I love it;) But yes, bring on Mikey!