Warm Head, Grateful Heart

A night-cap decked his brows instead of bay,
A cap by night - a stocking all the day!
~ Oliver Goldsmith

My great friend perpstu shared a tender post this morning about her labor of love: knitting little caps for newborns in developing countries in conjunction with the Save the Children Knit One, Save One project.

Great cause. Really great cause.

And one with which I have a little bit of first hand experience.

That's Will, age two months and change, in a hand-knit hat, hanging out in the NICU.

Even underneath the tubes and wires, he's pretty darn adorable, don't you think?

And while we certainly don't live in a developing nation, we have experienced the gift of having something handmade with love shared with us at a time when it was desperately needed.

(Yeah -- that's Will's mama with her boy, having a little quality connection time there. Note the cap on his head...)

Sadly, I don't knit. Fumble fingers here isn't deft enough to wield those needles with any sort of precision, grace or style. However, I can cheer on and encourage those of y'all who do. Like my chica perpstu.

I can also say, on behalf of the mamas (and daddys) of the little ones whose heads will be warm and cozy because of giving hearts and willing talents, thank you.

You have no idea how much your seemingly little contribution means.


Anonymous said...

An excellent cause that I have knit many a cap for.

What a blessing to see a picture so precious as your Will....

Thank you for sharing!

TopSurf said...

I agree 100% that is a fabulously nice thing to do. Your boy is beyond cute! I love when you post a picture of him it totally makes my day. How nice to see his awesome Mommy holding the bundle of joy!

On a limb with Claudia said...

How cool is that! And yes, he's gorgeous looking out there saying, "Hi Mommy!!"

Thanks for joining our little movement! A little kindness goes a long way.

perpstu said...

These are such beautiful pictures. You look so radiant and Will looks so precious! I'm going to print his picture out and hang it on my bulletin board so that every time I finish another hat, I will remember why I am doing it!