Dis. Dat. And de Uddder.

Last night’s Dream Report:

I was on a posh tour bus in Hilton Head, SC and was being wooed heavily by both Bob Crane (aka Col. Hogan) and Alec Baldwin.

In case you were wondering – Alec won. Rowr. Like there was ever a question. I love him. But you knew that already.

Underlying meaning: I watch waaaay too much classic telly.


Seen on the way to take Will to school today: two trannie hookers nursing some Starbucks. Apparently everyone needs a little caffeine to get the day started.

Gotta put the zip in the doo-dah, so to speak.


Seen while walking Will in to school today: a mom wearing a leopard print caftan (from the Totie Fields collection, no doubt) and fur bedroom slippers.

Never again will I worry about wearing my workout clothes when doing the drop-off.

SO boring in comparison.


Seen on the way to pick up Will from school today: A man, riding a bike – coaster breaks, little basket on front. One more thing – he was also using a big white/red-tipped cane. Blind guy on bike. Doing well, I might add. Roll on, my friend.


My front yard has become a danger zone. There is a SNAKE in residence at the moment. I’m told it’s a little “harmless” black racer. Pffffft. He is snake so he is evil in my book. ‘Bout passed out on my front stoop yesterday when I walked out the front door and there he was. I’m also told that he was probably as scared of me as I was of him. Doubtful.

From now on, ventures into the yard will involve shoes and a wary eye.

Back off Snake (whom I’ve named Oswald) – I’m on to you.


Celebrity Crush of the Week: Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser. Rowrrrrrrrr again.

Have you seen those abs?

Yes, I realize he wore sparkly spandex pants a couple of shows ago. Have you seen those abs?

Yes, I know that this is one of my more ridiculous crushes – ranks right up there with James Carville. But have you seen those abs?

And by that I mean Bob’s abs, not Carville’s.

Lord, can you imagine?


David O'Donnell said...

Bob's cute, but someone needs to teach that boy to wash. He's got ink stains all over his muscles!

citizen jane said...

Who notices ink stains when there are abs like that.


Miss Attitude said...

Wow.. busy day. I'm a tad bit jealous since my dreams were of work;(
Well, not jealous of the Starbucks sipping trannies or the snake!

bronsont said...

Arrrhaaaaaahahhahhahha! What was my poor boring life like before I met you and your blog! Great I say, just plain Great!

And Oswald is in the Witness Protection Program so better keep your hoe in the shed!

TopSurf said...

You always make me realize how boring I really am. Any that Bob Harper.....yummy!