It's got a good beat and you can dance to it... Tuesday Tunes

Alert the media -- it's Tuesday Tunes time again!

Here's a little musical association for your amusement…

TV: “Sleeping with the Television On” ~ Billy Joel
(off the underrated -- and my favorite BJ album -- "Glass Houses)

Entertainment: “That’s Entertaiment” ~ from "The Band Wagon"

Drive: “Driver 8” ~ R.E.M.

Dark: “Ain’t No Sunshine” ~ Bill Withers

Job: “Why Don’t You Get a Job?” ~ The Offspring

Cat: “Cat Scratch Fever” ~ Ted Nugent

Silence: “The Sound of Silence” ~ Simon and Garfunkel

Noise: “Bring the Noise” ~ Public Enemy & Anthrax

Creep: “Jeepers Creepers” ~ Louis Armstrong

Rose: “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” ~ Ethel Merman
(from the musical “Gypsy”, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim)


TopSurf said...

That REM video is awesome, I love that song. I saw it when you posted it elsewhere today. ;) I love how your musical mind works. There really isn't one song here I don't like.

Ruprecht said...

THE NUGE ... !!!

perpstu said...

I'm going to hum Offspring songs for the rest of the night!