Strong. Invincible. Woman.

Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.
~ Anonymous

Hello! My name is Janey (Hi Janey!)

I am Woman. Hear me roar.

Pardon my effusiveness – it’s just the endorphins talking.

I have hit a stride – an amazing one – with my workouts with The Trainer. And I feel fan-frickin-tastic.

I’m doing things I either never imagined I’d do… or, more importantly, wasn’t ready, physically and mentally, to do even a couple of weeks ago.

It’s the mental part that’s got me in a dither. Although the physical stuff’s not far behind.

My body is getting more and more capable of doing things that it’s never done before (or in a very, very, very long while.)

And my mind believes it. Fear and doubt are fading away.


This whole healthy living process is fascinating to me – someone who spends an extraordinary (and often detrimental) amount of time in her own head.

It requires a package deal – body, mind and spirit – in order to achieve any level of success.

I feel like doing a Rogers and Hammerstein-scored spin around the block, singing “I have confidence” at the top of my lungs in glorious Theatre Diva style. However, my voice is still down in the depths and I suspect the gist and intent would be lost in the huskiness of my dulcet tones. Plus my neighbors just wouldn’t appreciate it. Y’all would – right?

In the past week, I’ve tried walking lunges (OUCH – feeling those today) and plyometrics and Pilates moves and my favorites – carrying my trainer piggy-back style for a bit. That’s right. Boo-yah.

I carried a person on my back and it didn’t phase me. How damn crazy is that?


I’m stronger. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Energy level is up. Sharpness is up.

It’s all good.

I know the ebb and flow is part of this process – I’m on the ebb (or is it the flow – whichever is at the peak. Apex. Crest. You’d think I’d learn to research my colorful language references better… maybe it’s time for an assistant...) at the moment. And there are going to be days when I will be discouraged or upset. It’s days like today that I’m going to conjure up to remind me that regardless of the speed bump, I’m moving forward.

In a manner too big to ignore.


Come on and roar along with me... trust me. You'll like it.


TopSurf said...

Very impressive. I'm in awe of you. You inspire. Congratulations on getting to where you want to be.

Emily said...

That's great. I'd love a trainer. Once I've had this baby I'm gonna get real serious. I've just been walking. I am obsessed with the show the Biggest Loser here in Oz...do you get a similar version in the States?

Wildhair said...

You are so frickin' fantastic! Truly you are inspiring. Crap, I don't know that I'd be able to carry my cat on my back let alone a full-sized human.

I'd love to hire a trainer. I wonder if any of them barter. hmmmm

Liz In NoFla said...

I would pay to see the piggyback move! GO JEJG!