To every season turn, turn, turn...

(Credit goes to my girlie Perpstu at Popping Bubbles for spurring this little post idea)

Summer breeze makes me feel fine
Blowing through the jasmine in my mind

The thermometer read 72 degrees as I got into the car to take Will to school. At just after 8 am.

And while the calendar still reads springtime, let's face it. Summer's here.

For me, the best part of summer =  the scents of the outdoors that are so indicative of the season...

Blooming jasmine and gardenias, sweetly permeating the air with delicate fragrance

Charcoal grills preparing an evening’s feast

Fresh cut grass, soft and sharp signifying a job well done

Sunscreen with its immediate evoking of the tropical sun 

Chlorine, signifying cool respite from the day’s heat

Fresh peaches, dripping with lush juice and sultry deliciousness

Cold beer, quenching thirst with a kick

Citronella candles, filling the atmosphere with protection and light

Sweat earned from an endorphin-laced workout, earthy and salty and 

It’s summertime (almost)... and the living is indeed easy. Or it soon will be. 

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TopSurf said...

85 Degrees here on Saturday and Sunday with plenty of sunshine, can you dig it? I can't wait! I love your list, I am soooooo ready for spring to leak into summer!