Right Hand Blue. No honey -- your other left hand...

Highlights of my night with the Choir Urchins:

*The world's most chaotic game of Twister took place. Discovery: said event really loses something when played by earnest and easily bored four and five-year-olds as opposed to drunk and frisky grownups. Highlight of the game: when Conrad (no, not his real name) spun the spinner so hard it came dislodged from the board and flew through the air, causing collapse and catastrophe on Mat #2, as the players turned to watch the Fantasy of Flight and forgot that they were all precariously positioned.

Yeah. That wasn't pretty.

*Conrad! (a) goosed me and (b) presumably innocently ran up to me, gave me a hug grabbing my boob and then took off.

He's four. There you are.

*A musical chairs match turned into the Battle of the Sexes, with Team Girrrrl Power coming up victorious in two out of three games. Final taunt: Girls rule, Boys drool. And that went over with Team Testosterone about as well as could be expected.

*One of our favorite song-tivities to do involves some spelling and shout-outs and signs and yep, lots of dancing.
Here's a little visual to give you an idea of what's what. And the song we loooooove to sing.

Choir Urchins!

Next week: our end of the year party extravaganza. Can't wait to see what tricks Conrad has up his Garanimal sleeve for me.


bronsont said...

LOL be afraid of Conrad, be very afraid! (rofl)

TopSurf said...

Great post! I love the Urchins!!

Jen said...

I'm looking forward to next year!!!