Being Bodacious: Chapter 6

It was my Labor Day weekend ritual as a teenager. Instead of celebrating the last days of “freedom” before the school bell rang on Tuesday morning, I found myself speed reading and writing to get my summer “homework assignments” done.

I perfected the art of procrastination at a very young age (ask my dad about helping me with a project about Samuel Gompers and John L. Lewis the Sunday at the end of Spring Break…) putting off things was something I just did. I put a lot of trust in my internal timer to know exactly how long it would take for me to complete something by the deadline.

Sure, trying to read The Scarlett Letter, An American Tragedy and The Old Man and the Sea in the span of three days may not have been the best idea I’d ever had, but at the extremely enlightened age of 16, it made some kind of weird, triumphant sense. Add an essay about “what I did over the summer” to the to-do list and you had a complete jumpstart from the lazy days of summer to academia.

Right now, we’re looking ahead to summer at Casa de Janey – our retrospective on what “we did over the summer” has yet to be written -- although here in the F-L-A, it feels like we’re already settled into at least the trapping of summer, with temperatures at July/August level and the constant hum of the air conditioner as the soundtrack. And as I get ready for the end of school for Young William, I’m doing the get-ready-for-the-season thing, picking up sunscreen and new beach towels and assessing the condition of our beach stuff.

So, Bodacious Ones, here’s a little point to ponder get the season rolling:

What do you do to get ready for summer? What says summer to you – music, food, clothes, activities, you name it…

Be sure to check in with the dashing Mr. Linky so we can come pay you and your blog a social call -- Bodacious chicks are nothing if not hospitable.


bronsont said...

(ROFL) I guess that's why I'm not Bodacious, getting ready for summer for me is,
1. Getting up at the same time
2. Getting dressed the same way
3. Going to the same job
4. Eating lunch at the same places
5. Wondering if this day will ever
end so I can go home to Mrs

fgirl said...

Getting ready for summer is exhausting: there's the working out, getting the right fake tanner, making sure the bathing suit fits/is in good shape, making sure to get waxed, finding the sun hat, umbrella, beach chairs, the perfect beach reads, the pedicures, etc. But I love going to the beach, outdoor music concerts, the showing of movies outside at the art museum, and sipping margaritas.