A 2010 Rewind: The Nail in the Sparkly Coffin of the Year

Since everyone, their uncle and their uncle's barista have created a retrospective "best of 2010" list, I thought I would join the fray. Here's a rambling, slightly rant-y but hopefully amusing look through my LASIK-d, stylish reading glasses sporting eyes:

My favorite film
OK. Here’s the thing: I rarely, if ever, go to the movies these days. Which saddens me because there was a time that I saw pretty much every film that interested me when it hit the big screen. This motherhood thing has cramped my stylish cinematic aficionado self.

I saw two movies in the actual, sticky-floored, artery-clogging-popcorn selling theatre this year: Inception and Eat Pray Love. The last movie I saw before that was Kung Fu Panda in 3D, with my niece. That should explain a lot. Especially since I insist on calling it Kung Pao Panda.

All that being said – I honestly don’t have a favorite film this year. I’m probably the only person you know who wasn’t blown away by Inception. Blaming that one on personal taste, mostly – I’m not crazy about the Matrix flicks either. I’m catching up on this year’s offerings, though, via Netflix/AppleTV, but Get Him to the Greek doesn’t really qualify as great cinema, regardless of how much I laughed. Hush.

I do have some things in the queue, including The Kids are Alright. And I half have it in my head to maybe take a girls night out to see Black Swan and/or True Grit. There's hope for me yet.

My favorite book
Man, when did the exercise turn into true confessions. Does “Go Dog Go” count?

I have been horribly, horribly negligent with my reading this year. I’ve read nothing of consequence, save for a couple of books about the ‘70s. I did, however, lie by pools and on beaches catching up with Carl Hiaasen on my Kindle, as well as float in pools reading some very salacious and delightful Brit chick lit. Those English write trashy novels very very well.

Now that I have both a kindle and iPad, I have NO excuses not to read anywhere, anytime. Although I have to say that nothing beats having that book in your hands, dust jacket beside you because while the flap of it makes a great book mark, it’s not so good for reading with on.

By the way, recommendations are always welcomed. Please share!

My favorite album or song this year
Finally! Something for which I have some actual collateral. Thank goodness.

Real True Confession: I was a Pop Goddess this year. While I like the song stylings of Mumford & Sons (that is some seriously good music they’re making – I find it quite thought-provoking) and Fitz & the Tantrums are groovy as hell, I was mired in some poppy catchy lovely froth.

Froth like this:
Bruno Mars ~ “Just the Way You Are”
When I told my 15-year-old niece I dug this as we were playing Angry Birds side-by-side on our respective Apple contraptions, I got my “cool auntie” card punched for at least another year.

Katy Perry ~ “Teenage Dream”
I think Mrs. Brand is adorable and I love her image and her moxie. But truth be told, the version of this song I’m nuts about is this one:

Taylor Swift ~ “Mine”
She is who I wish my 21-year-old self would have been. I admire her a lot.

Cee Lo Green ~ “F**k You”
My favorite song of the year, hands down. Groovy, catchy and cheeky. Plus his voice is sick, y’all. I’m dancing in my office chair right now just thinking about it.
(Heads up – this is the potty-mouth version. Couldn’t resist. My blog, my rules.)

My TV Boyfriend of the year
Have we just met? Do I even need to answer this question? Seriously?

Yeah. My TV Boyfriend, now and for the foreseeable future. Is That Guy.

I love him.

And no, there is no restraining order with my name on it anywhere. Hush.

My TV Girlfriend of the year
Good question. My votes: one for Sofia Vergara of Modern Family – she’s impossibly gorgeous (have you seen her?) and is funny funny funny on a show of comic-timing experts. And one for Christina Hendricks of Mad Men. She too is gorgeous with a body to die for (have you seen her?) and brings so much to a complicated character.

I posed this question to some of my interwebz girlies and they had some equally interesting recommendations:
Emily Deschanel – Bones
Morena Baccarin – V
Yvonne Strahovski – Chuck
Michaela Conlin – Bones
Mariska Hargitay – L&O:SVU

My my my.

My biggest anticipations of the new year
You know, I really don’t have any serious specific anticipations for the new year in the way of pop culture. I'm not fan-wanking for any movie or band or projected TV show. I am, however, always hoping to discover some new (or new-to-me) music, discover a telly program that’s either brilliant or so horrible-that-it-becomes-brilliant. I would like to see a career renaissance for another veteran performer, a la Betty White. My vote: Katherine Helmond. Might wax poetical about that later.

My favorite new website of the year
Gotta be Get Glue. A social networking site for entertainment/pop culture, it lets you “check-in” to whatever you’re watching/reading/listening to/doing/etc. plus guides to you find other such things you might be interested in. For a pop culture diva like me, it’s a little slice of social media heaven. And you get stickers for stuff! Yay! Go check it out. Then friend me!

My favorite pop culture news story of the year
Did some thinking about this one. And after some contemplation and time spent with some of my favorite expert sources (People, TMZ and EW) I decided that my favorite pop culture news story this year wasn’t an actual story per se, but more of a theme. The world of social media mashed into pop culture like never before in 2010. Highlighted by the release of The Social Network, the critically acclaimed film about the social media behemoth, Facebook, the relationship between high-profile personalities, the news they generate and the way that information is shared and spread got faster and more interactive. Personalities interacted directly and virtually with the people who use their product -- television, movies, music, books, sports. I had a couple of Twitter exchanges with a chef, Alex Guarnachelli, I admire greatly. Made my whole day. It’s the little things.

What amazes me more – and it shouldn’t because it’s so ubiquitous now – is the sheer speed at which information, both factual and fictional, is spread. We used to get word of a notable person’s passing or other such news via the televised media or the newspaper, often much later than when the event itself happened.


I think I’m going to stop now with this little bit of blathering, as I am discovering I have a whole lot to say about it and will reserve that for another post in the near future. How’s that for a stay tuned/cliffhanger tease…

My favorite actor/actress of the year
You know, I have to go with James Franco here – not so much because of what he’s done on-screen (but I understand he defines compelling in 127 Hours), but because he’s just so damn compelling. He is a Renaissance man keeping step not just to him own drummer, but an entire percussion corps. Fascinating fellow. Enigmatic. Ubiquitous. Sure he’s got critics and detractors but I’d rather have someone like him to read about than a whole passel of Kardashians and Disney Princesses. Most of the time. Shhh...

My favorite TV drama of the year
Mad Men. Nothing else for me comes even close.

My favorite TV comedy of the year
Modern Family. Whip-smart writing and a cast that crackles with chemistry and timing.

My favorite TV reality show of the year
My dirty not-so-secret love. There are so many from which to choose… it’s kind of a toss up between a couple of the Real Housewives franchises – Atlanta and New York – and The Amazing Race. Never let it be said I don’t have diverse tastes.

My favorite TV channel of the year
Bravo. Please. I could leave it tuned to whatever number it is on my digital cable all day and be happy happy. It’s compelling and a little trashy and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Plus Andy Cohen!

So there’s my little Pop Culture Roundup. As always, your millage may vary and your thoughts are always welcomed. Thanks for reading.

And as Tracey Ullman used to say “Go Home!”


karin said...

I love every thing on this list! I have not seen Eat, Pray, Love yet, but Inception was amazing. I have oodles and oodles of books on my list. Give me a genre and I'll have a suggestion.

bronsont said...

Loved the book Eat, Pray, Love but haven't seen the movie. I have two books for you, "Gunn's Golden Rules" by , well you know, and"You Had Me at Woof" by Julie Klam. Both great reads.

And what happened to Project Runway? Gaaaah!

Anonymous said...

I snorted several times while reading this post. You are my Pop Culture idol.