Being Bodacious: The One Where We Talk About...

Pssst... this is a Post Rewind from a year ago, when I initially kicked off this whole Being Bodacious thing. Whether it's familiar or New To You, I think it's still a great exercise. If you're like me, you probably could use such a re-focusing reminder... have at it, y'all!


Woman must not accept; she must challenge.
She must not be awed by that which has been built up around her;
she must reverence that woman in her which struggles for expression.
~ Margaret Sanger

*cue Don Pardo*
Previously on this blog...
I declared that this was going to be -- on a Take Two -- my year of living bodaciously. And that one of my goals was to make a difference. A bodacious difference.

Well, here’s my shot at that.

I’m a huge proponent and fan of my gender. I do volunteer work with my gender. I support causes affecting my gender. I genuinely (most of the time) like my gender.

We chicks really do have it going on.

However (and you had to know that was coming)… we women are unnecessarily hard and unsupportive of each other. And in turn, ourselves. It’s partly our nature (Hey! I can say that because I am a girlie), partly our environment and partly who else knows what. We women spend – no, we waste – time being contrary to one another, either directly or indirectly when that time and energy could be better spend doing something constructive. Life's tough enough without adding any extra unnecessary angst. Trust me.


Does that make sense? It can get a little heady up here on my soap box.

In an attempt to make a small positive difference for my gender, I’ve decided to host a regular self-celebration for us girls. Yes, it’s a meme. But it’s a meme with a purpose.

We’re going to spend time Being Bodacious.

I’ll throw out a topic for discussion and exposition – something that will be thoughtful and insightful, a little funny (c’mon – it’s goofy me helming this after all) and completely constructive, celebratory and creative.

If there's interest, there will be a spot to share the link to your blog/your thoughts so we all can go check out your online home and… be supportive. Cheer you on. Have your back. Right now, just leave a comment with a link to your blog and your poetic thoughts on this matter.

See. Pretty nifty, huh…

So… onto our Bodacious Topic.

Finish the phrase: “One thing I love about my body is…”

I can hear y’all’s “ooooooooooos” right now.

Not playin' here. Told you.

If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people.

~ Virginia Woolf

Yeah, this is a big one. You can blame Shape Magazine for putting the idea into my head. But I think it’s a great place to start this little journey we’re about to go on together.

If you’re like me, you can name 112864 things you do not like about your body. However, when it comes to spinning that onto the positive, it becomes a little more difficult. OK – a lot more difficult.

But it shouldn’t be hard. Or scary. Or painful.

We are wonderful. Head to toe. Skinny darlings and curvy goddesses alike. No, that’s not me BSing here. It’s the truth.

So let’s start with a little self-assessment. You might love your shoulders and the way they look in your bathing suit. Or your luscious, gloss-loving lips. Maybe it’s your fantastic, pedi-worthy toes.

Tell us about it. Don’t be shy. Toot that horn.

Share one thing you love about your body.

You can do it. Because you’re Bodacious.

One is not born a woman, one becomes one.
~ Simone de Beauvoir


karin said...

I'll be posting my bodacious answer tomorrow for the world to see. I notice that you didn't answer your own question. *ahem*

You have gorgeous, dewy skin, your hair is fabulous, you rock a churrascaria shirt like no other. There's your start! ;)

An Authentic Life said...

I love the photos on your site!

Josie said...

Well, with the advent of Bikram yoga I've discovered there's lots I like about my body. It tones soooo quickly it's ridiculous, so I have lovely definition in my arms and shoulders now. Plus I quite like my long legs.(Mind you I am working hard at the toning for all those people who say, "Oh, you're naturally skinny.")

citizen janey said...

Josie, that's fantastic -- i dig your confidence and awareness. I've heard that Bikram yoga is an amazing workout... it's on my to-do list for when I'm ready to expand my workout repertoire.

And thank you An Authentic Life -- I spent a lot of time hunting these photos down. They are VERY me ;-)

PS to Karin -- you rock. That is all.