Sunday Something-Something

The Jump-Off: Things you can do in three minutes

• Have a quickie *lascivious eyebrow raise*
• Give yourself a facial
• Do a whole lotta crunches (engage your core!)
• Read a magazine article
• Give yourself a ghetto gorilla pedicure
(The Do-It-Yourself part = ghetto. The fact that you get more polish on your toes than your nails = gorilla.)
• Play a game of solitaire
• Saute an onion
• Load the dishwasher
• Do a quick eBay search
• Deep condition your hair
• Pull weeds along your front walk
• Have a mini-one-song dance party
• Sign and mail a “just because” card to a friend
• Read the comics in the newspaper
• Cook an egg -- poach, fry, scramble, etc., etc., etc.
• Make and cool down (from "Atomic Hot) a bowl of oatmeal
• Iron a pair of pants
• Boot up my Macbook Pro
• Brew a cup of tea
• Collect a bunch of shells on the beach
• Do my nightly skincare routine
• Watch a video on YouTube
• Use a set of those Crest Whitestrip things
• Whistle a happy tune
• Surf through all jillion of your cable channels
• Toast a piece of bread
• Fall asleep
• Kill a couple of levels in Angry Birds
• Complete a row of needlepoint
• Stain stick all the spills and stains on your kiddo's school uniforms.

Stay tuned, as this list is fluid... got anything to add?


bronsont said...

Not only do I have nothing to add, I've got to go to bed after reading that list cause I'm bushed!!

karin said...

I love this list. I think you've covered everything and given me a couple of new quick ideas for those few spare minutes I have lying around.