Nobody likes me; everybody hates me. I'm gonna go and eat some worms...

We may be the most pathetic family around today.

My husband has injured his right forearm -- may be carpal tunnel, may be something else. At least it's better than his ruptuting his Achilles' tendon, which was last summer's health crisis.

Will has been vacilating between happy-go-lucky, whiney-pain-in-the-ass, and needy-needy-needy. Oy.

And I have had a bit of a stomach virus for two days now. Tummy ache, feverish and the requisite aches and pains. I'm always game for new ways to lose weight. But this way = yucko.

Plus our air compressor went on the fritz today. With a high of 94 degrees projected for the afternoon. It's fixed now -- for the moment, although I have a feeling that it's merely a band-aid on a bullet wound. The air conditioner repair dude took a thermal reading of the temperature in our attic. 130 degrees. Yep. You read that right. We are due for a new air handler and duct work, as our current system is, as they say, on borrowed time. Oh happy day.

Add to that the fact that my car battery died a couple of days ago, thanks to an errant hatch light inadvertently left on -- thus completely screwing up my plans not only for the day, but for the week. I hate getting behind on errands.

But... Will did make some progress in speech/feeding therapy this week, actually chewing some peaches and picking up and biting, all on his own, a piece of red licorice. Which is HUGE, considering he will touch literally everything but food, thanks to his oral and tactile aversions. I'm probably the only mother in the world who wants her child to eat candy, cookies, ice cream. There will be joy in Mudville when that happens, believe me.

However, to make matters even more complicated, I discovered, quite by accident, that my local grocery stores (I frequent three, just to keep things interesting) are discontinuing carrying Will's favorite toddler food. Since he has the oral defensiveness issues, he is still eating very soft foods. And it looks like his beloved mac and cheese is no longer being offered on the shelves. So now I'm off to scour the internet for it, until such a time as he can actually chew without not only gagging, but having a stress attack.

Boy, do I sound like Debbie Downer today. Wow. I'm attributing some of this to just not feeling well, but...

I'm just at a low point right now with Will's progress -- impatience is setting in for me, which it does periodically. It's just so hard to see him struggle with things that come so naturally and easily for other children. And the stress of having a special needs child can weigh on me more heavily some times -- like now. But his therapists, who certainly know more than I do, assure me that he is making forward strides, and that at some point, everything will all come together for him. I just wish that "some point" would come sooner rather than later. I know, though, that this too shall pass.

And that my blue funky mood will also pass, eventually. Sooner rather than later, I hope.

As it stands now, though, my umbrella is poised and ready for the downpour of the little black cloud seems to be following me overhead.

Maybe if I stand outside, that rain will do some good and water my Sahara-dry grass.

Always gotta look for a silver lining.

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SusanD said...

How can they stop carrying a certain mac-and-cheese? That'd be awful.

I can't imagine the patience you have, Mrs. Petrie. Hopefully, the rewards will be such a tremendous payoff for you.