On Holiday

Ten adults

Eleven children

Three grocery carts full of provisions

Sunscreen for the face, the body, the eyes, the hair

All day spent in a bathing suit and cover-up

Two changes of toenail polish color

Ten books brought

Four books read

Smelling like sunscreen, chlorine, salt water, sand, sweat, grill smoke and barbecue sauce

Wine coolers in the pool at two in the afternoon

Afternoon rainshowers

Naps under a ceiling fan

No cell phone reception

Sea turtle nests on the beach

Brown bunny rabbits playing in the sea grapes

Watching dolphins playing in the surf from your perch at the edge of the tide

Actually swimming near manatees in the middle of the Gulf

Stretching out hamstrings while collecting shells

Tending to sunburned shoulders as part of the evening’s ritual

Red velvet cake for dessert

And for breakfast

Unspeakably fresh bay scallops, cooked with butter and garlic, melting in your mouth

Pelicans overhead

Fish underfoot

Belly laughs filling the air

Memories shared

Memories made

Good friends

Good times

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