Not as Happy as I Wanna Be Homecoming

Nothing like coming home from a lovely vacation to find things chaotic at home:

* Tropical storm 'a-brewin', headed towards Florida. We cut the vacation short upon seeing the track of the storm heading RIGHT OVER OUR HOUSE on Sunday afternoon. Things aren't so doomy-gloomy for the west coast now (but my pals in the Miami-Dade area are batting down the hatches as we speak), but at the time, we made the best decision we could based on the information at hand. Fickle, unpredictable Mother Nature.

* Will's leg is not "all that great" today, per my mother. Now, she has an uncanny way of making the most innocuous news seem catastrophic to me (must be that tenuous mother/daughter dynamic) -- and now I'm ramped up about how he's doing and what happened to him while I was away and what can I do to make it better. I'll get him from school here shortly and will see for myself what's going on.

*My husband, in the short span of four hours, has ramped back up to his stressed-out, single-focused work mode after checking e-mails and sending a short missive to the players on his current project letting them know he's home early and receiving a shit-load of SOS messages in return. Same old, same old.

And now I say "What vacation?"

Gonna go look at pictures of glaciers and mountains now to try and remember.


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SusanD said...

Oh man. Such a downer to have to crash back into crap from a vacation. It's nice to have a decompression time before everything hits the fan, but I guess that didn't happen.