Maritime of My Life

Water, water everywhere
And nor a drop to drink...

~ Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Just can't seem to get away from the water around here.

It's underfoot -- obviously. I'm on a cruise ship, for goodness sake.

But it's falling from the sky -- sometimes in torrents, sometimes in drizzle. I look like a drowned rat -- so much for trying to do one's hair.

Alaska, despite the weather, is beautiful. Awe-inspiring, in fact. Truly a frontier.

The sights of Glacier Bay were amazing -- and I did enjoy some turbo hot chocolate --albeit with Kahlua, rather than peppermint schnapps. Juneau and Sitka each had their own charms -- although it was interesting to note that tourist traps are the same the world over, no matter if they're in Alaska or Florida. We're off to British Columbia for the next two days -- to see sea lions and otters and bears. Oh my!

It's been a good trip thus far -- I've gotten into the swing of the cruise lifestyle, participating in cheesy on-board activities (mostly trivia-related, natch) and hanging out in bars, drinking Black Russians and grooving to the sounds of a Filipino dance band -- who are actually really, really good. When they cranked out the Tom Jones version of "Kiss," I knew we had something worth listening to.

That's not to say that everything's been smooth sailing. Something's up with young William -- not neurological, thank goodness. He doesn't seem to want to put any weight on his right foot -- meaning no walking. My mother, in conjunction with the wonderful staff at Will's school, his pediatrician and physical therapist, has had him checked out from top to bottom, even taking him for X-rays this morning. All clear. Who knows what's up -- he could have just twisted his ankle. Or he could just be being a pain in the ass in the absence of his parents. He's happy, in good spirits and in no pain. That's all anyone could really ask.

Meanwhile, I spent the good porition of yesterday wrestling with worry, anxiety and the omnipresent guilt I tote around. My biggest fear was seemingly manifesting itself -- something was amiss with Will and I was over 4000 miles away, unable to do anything. But, as was pointed out to me, I did do something. In advance. I have cultivated a wonderful network of Will Support, and in my absence, they kicked in and took care of him. Whew. Bless them all.

That's not to say that I'm completely without worry. But I can sleep a bit easier tonight knowing that he's in good hands. Even if they're not mine.

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SusanD said...

Poor Will's foot. :(

I, too, love Black Russians. Glad it was great while it lasted.