Won't You Let Me Take You on a Sea Cruise

Day 1 -- at sea. Ahoy!

The most expensive post I've ever made -- .75/minute. Yikes!

Thus far, I've
...sipped iced chai latte on the verandah of my cabin, watching the sea world roll by.

...enjoyed a evening's entertainment with the song stylings of Ian and his Piano Bar. He's so bad, he's good. Never heard Tony Bennett songs performed quite like that before, nor have ever heard a growl at the end of "Moondance." (I dig growls from members of the opposite sex very much, but this was in a whole class by itself.)

...taken a crash course in how to play Craps with the casino manager. I'm ready for Vegas, baby!

...gotten a mani/pedi. So relaxing. I hardly recognize my own feet.

...done some serious people watching. It's been interesting. Men sporting their Tommy Bahama shirts topped with fleece jackets. That's what's passing for festive Alaskan cruise wear.

As we head north, the temperature is getting more brisk. Tomorrow, while we sail through Glacier Bay, I'm gonna take lots of photos, check out the sites and sounds of a nature I've never seen before, and sip hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps.

And a drink umbrella.

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