Diet De-Lite! Yay!

Well. I've gone and done it.

I've succumbed to the siren's call of the ubiquitous infomercial.

I've started on NutriSystem. Damnit.

If it's good enough for Dan Marino and Don Shula (plus Mrs. Don Shula!), then it's good enough for me. Maybe it's a Florida solidarity thing, them both being from Miami and all. Actually, what finally sold me was an interview with a woman my age with my lifestyle (young kids, etc.) who lost a shit load of weight with this program. Worked for her. Hopefully works for me. *crosses fingers*

Anyhoo. The box of my 28 days worth of delicious (their word at this point) meals just arrived. It's a heavy son-of-a-gun. I hope my UPS guy didn't get a hernia hauling it up to my front stoop.

What I didn't realize (duh) is that I get to supplement the delicious meals with fresh fruits, veggies, dairy and a Low Glycemic Index carb. Whatever the hell that is. I'll figure that out sooner rather than later, as I'm going to start this thing tomorrow. I figured I'd get a jump start on all those folks who will be flocking to this program as part of their New Year resolutions. However, I am going to have to make a trip to the grocery, as I have little to nothing in the fridge that would qualify as "helpful" food. I don't think that leftover pork lo mein counts. If it did, I'd be in business.

Actually, I'm kind of excited about this endeavor. I like the fact that the thought and guess work is taken care of already. While I appreciate and respect Weight Watchers -- it's a great program -- I found, through trial and error, that I need some structure with my diet. Left to my own devices, I can justify practically anything and with my schedule, that means Tales of the Drive-Thru more often than not. As the mister travels for business during the week and Will's standard menu is still very basic, having this option for me works out really well. At least on paper.

And I've tried just about every single low cal/diet frozen dinner that there is. I even remember when Lean Cuisine came on the scene -- I was a freshman in college and everyone on my dorm floor kept that community microwave buzzing with our frozen diet delights. If I remember correctly, those things weren't very high on the yummy scale. I'm hoping that technology and time has improved things -- but if not, I've already been through basic training. I'm not expecting much -- this is diet food, after all. If it tasted as good as the full fat stuff, we'd all be skinny minnies.

So we'll see how this goes. I've got nothing to lose. Save for my fat ass.


SusanD said...

Best of luck to you, LP! Also, loved your most recent UB recap in poetic form. Brilliant!

thombeau said...

You can do it, kiddo! And you WILL!!!