We. Want. Change.

Barack's South Carolina Victory Speech.

To steal a quote from a good friend -- I felt like Paula Abdul as I listened and watched his speech: chills, goosebumps, tears and seal claps.

And I'm not only enamored with the candidate, I'm also crushing on his speechwriters -- the word nerd in me is totally smitten.


Sprezzatura said...

I've not been this moved by a candidate since Bartlett ran for his second term on The West Wing. Seriously.

I heard Obama speak 2 years ago at the Save Darfur rally on the National Mall. A more gifted orator and inspiring leader I've yet to see emerge in my lifetime. It was that afternoon people commented how we were looking at the next president of the United States. From their mouths...

Then that glorious speech last night. Even to a jaded, cynical snark-queen like me he sounds as if he genuinely cares about America.
As opposed to the senator from my homestate (the one who affects a southern accent every time she heads south of Jersey) who leaves me with the impression that she cares only about becoming president.

Till next Tuesday...

laura petrie said...

To paraphrase my political boyfriend, one J. Carville: It's the sincerity, stupid.

Obama ooozes sincerity. Which to me is so damn refreshing after nearly eight years of smirks, arrogance and condescension coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Many candidates are trying to be the standard bearer of the change mantra -- I think Obama is the only one who's making it really work.

I cannot wait to wear my I Voted sticker on Tuesday.