¡Queso de la Musica!

I was treking through my iTunes library and came across a couple of really cheesy songs that I'd forgotten about but I love... a trip to YouTube helped me to bring them to life:

Here's Melissa Manchester (sporting a haircut remarkably similar to one I had at the same time) with "You Should Hear How She Talks About You"

You should hear how she talks about you,
You should hear what she says
She says she would be lost without you,
She's half out of her head (out of her head)
You should hear how she talks about you,
She just can't get enough.
She says she would be lost without you,
She is really in love.

(spoken) She's in love with you boy

Love Melissa's hot-to-trot red dress in that clip... it just sums everything up.


And here's Barry Manilow, with a recent performance of my favorite song of his (Shut. Up.) -- "Even Now"

Even now when there's someone else who cares
When there's someone home who's waiting just for me
Even now I think about you as I'm climbing up the stairs
And I wonder what to do so she won't see that

Even now when I know it wasn't right
And I've found a better life than what we had
Even now I wake up crying in the middle of the night
And I can't believe it still could hurt so bad

Even now when I have come so far
I wonder where you are, I wonder why it's still so hard without you
Even now when I come shining through, I swear I think of you
And how I wish you knew, even now

So sappy yet so poignant. Even as a fourth grader, listening to my Barry Manilow cassette on my bright yellow Panasonic player, this song got to me. Still does.


It's techno-disco Liza! with "Losing My Mind" -- my favorite Sondheim number all dressed up in sequins and sample beats:

...All afternoon,
Doing every little chore,
The thought of you stays bright.
Sometimes I stand
In the middle of the floor,
Not going left,
Not going right.

I dim the lights
And think about you,
Spend sleepless nights
To think about you.
You said you loved me,
Or were you just being kind?
Or am I losing my mind?

This is not my preferred version of this song (that honour goes to Julia McKensie on the Side by Side by Sondheim OCR), but I love Liza so very much -- and therefore it works for me on a purely entertainment level.

The question now is: Have I consumed my NutriSystem daily allotted dairy servings, thanks to the cheesy goodness of these songs...

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