My World and Welcome to It

The world in which I spend my everyday life is so weird...

(How weird is it?)

Well, I'll tell you.
(Apologies for the Match Game reference/indulgence)

I shop at what is literally my neighborhood grocery store. It's so close that if I just need a couple of easy-to-carry items, I'll just walk three blocks, cross a street and bam! I'm there. No need to fill the air with fluorocarbons just for that. (Here's to you, Al!) However, it's also the grocery of choice for many of the more affluent neighborhoods which surround my more modest 'hood. So imagine my surprise yesterday, as I wheeled my cart out of the store like a bat-out-of-hell because I was running late to pick up Will from school, when I caught a whiff of pot, lingering 'round the front door. I know I laughed out loud, because I got a couple of interesting looks. And then I did a quick scan of the area, trying to figure out who might have been toking up outside our fancy-pants Publix. Made my whole day.

I've already shared the sordidly weird tales of my local post offices, which just add to the lore of my world. I'm thankful each time I run by there and have an incident-free experience.

And then there's the weird merchant marine/drug dealer across the street. He's apparently off on another "mission", as his truck's not in the driveway. There is, however, a motorbike of some sort there instead, with a protective cover on top. I can only assume he's off doing whatever it is he does on these ventures. However, the weather's been really nice here lately and I'm disappointed he's not around to set up his front yard leisure land.

Speaking of front yards, the guy three doors down from me was washing his car this morning -- he'd pulled it up into his yard and was wielding that hose. So, so classy. The Gladys Kravitz of the 'hood is doing something in her front yard involving what looks like lots of brick. I can't quite figure it out, but I'm hesitant to go ask her about it, as that will involve a long conversation about shit I don't care about. So I watch and speculate.

My immediate next door neighbors have a pop-up camper in their back yard. Again, I have no idea why. It's just there. I didn't think they had out-of-town guests at the moment, but again, I'm more content to speculate.

Maybe it's just because I'm a hyper-observant (read: nosy) person, but I can't imagine that I'm the only one whose everyday world is filled with these idiosyncratic things. Or maybe I'm just a weird-item magnet. That would totally explain some of the dates I've had in my life and times.

Regardless -- I'll keep you posted. There's never a dull moment 'round here.

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